Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This is a travel blog.

I know it is silly to begin a travel blog while sitting at my home (or one of them) on my bed, with only my mind doing any significant traveling. But this is still my travel blog.

Why am I beginning it now? Because my room is messy and I don't feel like cleaning it. Also, because I am going to Canada on Friday, and even if it is a mostly silly trip, it is still somewhere that isn't Walla Walla and isn't The Greater Los Angeles Area and isn't the United States, and so I have decided that it should be documented.

Last night I was talking to my roommate and I realized how many future travel plans I have. I really want to see them written before me to visually processes it, so here they are:
Oct. 5-9, 2007 - Canada
March, 2008 - potential California road trip?
August, 2008 - Colombia and Brazil (oh please oh please)
November, 2008 - Boston (I hope!)
Jan - May, 2009 - NICARAGUA
summer, 2010 - a wonderful celebratory romp across Europe after graduation!
post-college - something wonderful and beautiful that will open my eyes to all the world has to offer (.. peace corps?)

And now, one final thing before I end this silly beginning.
here are the lyrics to "America" by Simon and Garfunkel

"Let us be lovers we'll marry our fortunes together."
"I've got some real estate here in my bag."
So we bought a pack of cigarettes and Mrs. Wagner pies
And we walked off to look for America

"Kathy," I said as we boarded a Greyhound in Pittsburgh
"Michigan seems like a dream to me now"
It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw
I've gone to look for America

Laughing on the bus
Playing games with the faces
She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy
I said "Be careful his bowtie is really a camera"

"Toss me a cigarette, I think there's one in my raincoat"
"We smoked the last one an hour ago"
So I looked at the scenery, she read her magazine
And the moon rose over an open field

"Kathy, I'm lost," I said, though I knew she was sleeping
I'm empty and aching and I don't know why
Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike
They've all gone to look for America.

and I'm gone to look for the world.

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