Wednesday, October 10, 2007

home again

after the canadian whirlwind. I really enjoyed the country.

On saturday, we saw a WONDERFUL movie called Across the Universe, which for some horrible reason is not playing in Walla Walla. (This is the reason I could never live permanently in a town as small as Walla. I need my indie movie theatres.) After, we met up with some other whitman folk for delicious Thai food and a comedy club (where it appears I may have left my favorite scarf!).

Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving, and so we took it upon ourselves to make a feast. We hunted down some fake meat, made mashed potatoes and sweet potato fries, boiled up some veggies, and had a feast that finished with store bought pumpik pie. We met a lovely woman at the grocery store who gave us the directions in how to make the potatoes. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, she came running after us to let us know that she forgot a step: "My family is heart healthy so we use olive oil, but you'd probably like to add some butter." And that, right there, is Canada.

This morning I also went to the bank and had a deaf teller. Something tells me you don't find a lot of those in the states. I feel like the US wouldn't go so far as to assume customers at a bank can communicate via keyboard. But who knows. Maybe I'm just prejudiced.

I really hope I'm able to get my scarf back.

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RuthG said...

Left us hanging--did you get your scarf back, I hope?

I just discovered this blog. Hope you'll post more than just travelogues here, though it was fun to read a bit about your Canada trip. Also, maybe post briefly on the family blog & let us know we can read about your adventures here--? (Unless you want to keep it somewhat under wraps . . .)

I just asked Daniel to order "Across the Universe" from Netflix for our next movie night. It looks great!