Monday, November 3, 2008

As soon as everyone left we started spinning. Not out of dizziness, but the slow-motion kind, where everything is so close to being wonderful and terrible at the same time, where you are so close to catching the wind at just the right angle to be lifted, to fall.

It was in that moment that I realized I could only be in love with you on porch swings, in the backs of cars, and other places where movement is only forward
and backward,
never together, never apart.

“a frozen symphony of relativity,” you laughed, and told me to stop taking things quite so seriously.


devon said...

god, i love reading these.

Jodie said...

Your poetry is better than my physics.

Love is "dynamically unstable". Like trying to balance a top on its point. You can only stay upright if you are spinning.

(but easier than trying to type with Bambi on my lap)

Love, Jodie

devon said...

depends on who you think it's about. i'll of course tell you.